2018 Labor & Employment Seminar Overview

Superhero Training: A 1-Day Employment Law Seminar
Our Squadron of Attorneys will Take the Stage on March 1st, 2018 for Our 10th Annual Full-Day Labor and Employment Law Seminar. We’ll Crush the Most Current Employment Legal Issues that are Concerns for Businesses, Both Large and Small. Plus, We’ll Cover Best Practices and Sound Strategies You Can Use to Reduce Risk and Protect Your Business. Our Attorneys Will Tackle Subjects You Need to Know to get Your Business to Join the Ranks of Superhero Status.
Benefits for both you and your company include:
  • Learning about new Executive Orders and the changes to the ACA.
  • Tackling social media in the workplace and learning how to best manage it for your organization.
  • Learning all about conducting legally compliant investigations and avoiding legal landmines.
  • Equipping yourself with strategies for dealing with different types of difficult personalities at work.
  • Preparing for any kind of government audit and learning all about any new compliance rules for 2018.
  • Learning how to navigate the ins and outs of workplace leave laws.
  • Protecting your business and your team through effective risk management techniques.
  • Receiving valuable information regarding recent changes and developments in labor and employment law, and what you can do to proactively manage risk through awareness and preemptive measures.
  • Engaging in interactive learning experiences that enhance your managerial and coaching skills.
  • Avoiding legal pitfalls and staying current on significant changes to labor and employment laws, trends, and best practices that impact your workplace.
  • Discussing topics and questions presented by you and your peer group.
  • You Will Receive Written Materials for Future Reference.

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  • Business Owners & Executives
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Upper and Middle Management
  • In-House Legal Counsel
  • Anyone Starting a New Business
  • Those Who Handle Hiring, Discipline and/or Terminations
  • Anyone with Labor and Employment Questions or Concerns

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