Industry Experience

The legal expertise of ScottHulse is complimented by diverse industry experience, which is further enhanced by our international trade and cross-border business capabilities and our ability to provide licensed representation in Mexico.

To leverage these strengths, the Firm is organized along areas of legal expertise and industry groups. This approach harnesses the collective knowledge of our attorneys, promotes creative solutions, and provides the industry-specific focus many clients seek in a law firm.

Our Mexico Law capabilities enable us to deliver convenient, efficient and effective oversight, coordination, and implementation of U.S./Mexico legal activities for clients, thus easing the challenges of doing cross-border business, including mergers and acquisitions.

A full-service commercial law firm with offices in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, our industry experience includes and is not limited to the following areas.

''The varied industries represented in our client base requires that our lawyers representing clients in those industries continually study and follow these industries. The wealth of institutional knowledge that our firm has built up over the years in these various industries allows us to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently.''
Bernard Felsen Attorney, Shareholder & Chairman


Contracting & Procurement; Bid Protests; Contract and Subcontract Disputes; Contract Claim and Termination Issues; Public/Private Ventures on Federal Enclaves and Military Bases; Ethics; Compliance; IG Investigations; Internal Investigations; JAG Interface

Mortgage and Commercial, Structured Finance, Financial Institution and Regulatory matters, Factoring

Document Preparation, Project Planning, Contract and Project Administration, Risk Counseling, Claims, Litigation

Administration, Governance, Immigration, Litigation, Personnel, Procurement

Permitting, Compliance, Regulatory Matters, Risk Counseling

Formation, Federal Tax Exemption, Compliance

Practice transfers; Recruitment, Employment and Professional Services Agreements; Healthcare Organizational Structure and Governance Issues; Joint Ventures and Other Contracts; Fraud and Abuse; Stark, HIPPA and Other Regulatory Matters; Labor and Employment; Medical Malpractice Defense

Business Immigration, Family Immigration, Consular Processing, Employer Sanctions and Worksite Enforcements, Citizenship Issues and Naturalization, Waivers, Port-of-Entry issues

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), Directors & Officers (D&O), Management Liability

Cross-Border Manufacturing, Maquiladoras and Mexican Shelter Operations, Inbound and Outbound Transactions, Compliance, Exports, Immigration, Cross-Border Disputes, Work Permits

Cross-Border Manufacturing, including Maquiladoras and Mexican Shelter Operations; Contract Manufacturing; Facility Location, Construction and Expansion; Licensing, Permitting and Regulatory Matters; Construction Financing; Equipment Leasing and Financing; International Trade; Customs and Import/Export; Supply and Distribution Agreements; Cross-Border Disputes

Legal Advice, Representation, and Implementation Support Related to Energy Businesses and Projects: Oil and Natural Gas, Mining, Conventional and Renewable Sources, Petroleum Retailing. Opportunity Evaluation and Assessment, Planning, Organizational Structure; Permitting, Certification, and Regulatory Matters; Contracts & Agreements, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA); Issuance and Renewal of Mining Concessions; Financing and Capitalization; Equipment Leasing and Financing; International Trade; Customs and Import/Export; Supply and Distribution Agreements; Legal & Regulatory Compliance, including Anti-Corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Acquisitions, Sales, Financing, Development, Construction, Leasing (Landlord/Tenant), Management, Syndications, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Eminent Domain

Documentation (Bills of Lading, Service Contracts, Owner/Operator Leases, Brokerage Contracts, Logistics Management and Distribution Agreements); Freight Loss and Damage Claims; International Trade and Customs Issues; and Regulatory and Licensing Issues