Immigration & Nationality Law

The ScottHulse Immigration and Nationality Law attorneys provide a wide spectrum of immigration services to local, regional, national, and international clients.

Our lawyers have a long-history of combined experience representing businesses, families and individuals in their varied and complex immigration issues. The Firm’s Immigration Section compliments the International Trade and Cross-Border Business Section by assisting clients in their cross-border needs, such as establishing a foreign-owned business in the U.S., and subsequently obtaining the appropriate visa to manage the U.S. business, and vice versa. ScottHulse Immigration attorneys are highly experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with the challenges that U.S. immigration law presents today.

Key areas of representation and services provided by our immigration lawyers include:

    • Business Immigration
    • Family Immigration
    • Consular Processing
    • Employer Sanctions and Worksite Enforcements
    • Citizenship Issues and Naturalization
    • Waivers
    • Port-of-Entry Issues
Business Immigration

Our business immigration lawyers advise and guide clients through complex immigration issues that will eventually enable them to obtain the appropriate work visa that allows them to live and work in the U.S. Some of these visas include:

    • L-1A/L-1B: transfer visas from foreign company to related U.S. company
    • H-1B, H-2A/H-2B: visas for professionals, agricultural and non- agricultural workers
    • TN: NAFTA treaty professionals
    • O, P, R: extraordinary ability visas, athletes, entertainers, artist visas, religious worker visas
    • E-1/E-2: commerce/investor visas based on NAFTA(U.S./Mexico/Canada) and other international treaties worldwide
    • EB1-EB5: employment-based permanent visas that range from extraordinary ability visas to investor visas through direct investments by an individual or investments through Immigrant Investor Regional Centers (USCIS).
    • Labor Certifications
Family Immigration

Our family immigration lawyers in El Paso guide families and individuals through complex issues arising out of family-based immigration. Some of these visas or services include:

    • Adjustment of Status
    • Processing of Legal Residence through U.S. Embassies and Consulates Worldwide
    • I-751 Removal of Condition
    • Fiancée Visas
Consular Processing

Consular processing has always been challenging and our immigration attorneys are adept and skilled in guiding clients through consular nuances and pitfalls. Our immigration attorneys keep current with the constant changes occurring frequently throughout embassies and consulates worldwide, and are able to guide clients in the appropriate protocol for processing any type of visa.

Employer Sanctions/Worksite Enforcement

Our immigration lawyers work together with the Firm’s Labor and Employment Section in guiding clients during I-9 audits with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We provide valuable advice on the appropriate immigration documents to be used during the I-9 process.

Citizenship and Naturalization

For many clients, filing for naturalization is the end of their immigration journey. We guide our clients on how to skillfully file the naturalization application, verifying that the physical residence requirements, good moral character requirements, and all other requirements are met. We also handle many other citizenship issues.


Processing waivers for non-immigrant and immigrant visas is increasing with the dramatic changes in U.S. immigration law. Our immigration lawyers are experienced in crafting compelling waiver applications that result in approvals and ultimate granting of a visa.

Port-of-Entry Issues

Our location along the U.S./Mexico border is key to providing useful, competent advice regarding port-of-entry issues. Our immigration attorneys interface with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in resolving issues arising at the ports of entry, such as requesting a humanitarian parole or an I-94 permit for an important business client who has no visitor visa.

Representative Matters


  • Represented investors from foreign countries in order to obtain E‐1/E‐2 visas to work at their investment enterprise in the U.S.
  • Represented multinational companies in the transfer of executives, managers, and specialized knowledge employees to work at U.S. affiliates, subsidiaries, or parent companies in the U.S. with L‐1A or L‐1B visas.
  • Represented foreign professionals in obtaining TN or H‐1B visas to work at sponsoring petitioner companies.
  • Represented farming businesses in obtaining H‐2A visas for temporary agriculture workers.
  • Represented individuals in obtaining waivers to immigrate to the U.S.
  • Represented individuals in obtaining their U.S. citizenship.
  • Represented individuals in obtaining paroles to enter the U.S. for emergent reasons.
  • Represented companies in negotiating fines issued by ICE for I‐9 violations.
  • Counsel to U.S. packaging/pallet company in obtaining an L-1 intracompany work visa for purposes of transferring an officer from the Mexican parent company to the U.S. subsidiary.
  • Counsel to several U.S. companies in obtaining the appropriate H-1B or TN (NAFTA) visas for foreign individuals hired by the company as engineers and/or managers.

International and Cross-Border Transactions

  • Represented outstanding researchers and scientists in obtaining U.S. legal residence through their research and work known internationally.
  • Counsel to U.S. subsidiary of one of the largest electronics company in the world in the establishment of logistics operations in Texas and Mexico.
  • Counsel to a U.S. company in the formation of a company in Mexico for the sale of oil lubricants to businesses throughout Mexico.Counsel to a U.S. company in the formation of a company in Mexico for the sale of medical equipment in Mexico.
  • Counsel to a U.S. company in the establishment of maquiladora (manufacturing) operations in Texas and Mexico.
  • Counsel to many U.S. companies in shelter agreements and contract manufacturing agreements to allow the U.S. company to do business in Mexico without establishing direct operations (permanent establishment) in Mexico.
  • Counsel to a U.S. company in the acquisition of manufacturing plants in Mexico with financing obtained from U.S. lenders.
  • Counsel to Buyer in the acquisition of several multimillion dollar manufacturing, packaging and logistics businesses with operations in the U.S. and Mexico (maquiladora operations).
  • Counsel to Seller in a $71.1-million-dollar sale of its business with operations in the U.S. and maquiladora operations in Mexico.
  • Counsel to Seller in a $16-million-dollar sale of its packaging business with operations in the U.S. and maquiladora operations in Mexico.
  • Counsel to several Mexican transportation companies on international tax matters, tax treaty questions, compliance issues with U.S. taxing authorities, and legal issues arising from transactions with U.S.-based related parties.

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