The ScottHulse Law Firm’s tax attorneys are knowledgeable of, and experienced in, all aspects of income, estate and gift tax law as well as state and local taxation. Our clients include both large and small businesses, individuals, public charities and private foundations.

''We work closely with our clients to ensure the best tax strategy for their business ventures, succession planning, and estate planning. The best work takes time and involves creating a narrative. A strategy we’ve created for a client could take a decade to play out, but at the end of the process we’ve saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Being able to do that is what makes this work meaningful.''

Jeff Brown
Attorney & Shareholder


Our Texas and New Mexico tax attorneys strive to resolve client tax problems to maximize tax savings in the most practical and efficient manner. We endeavor to ensure that the facts of each tax assignment are fully understood, that the tax objectives are clearly defined and addressed, and that the client is kept informed of the progress of our work.

Tax Controversies

We are regularly involved in defending taxpayers during all phases of a tax controversy – from the audit or examination of a federal tax return or state tax report to administrative appeals and court proceedings. We believe we have developed a reputation with the Internal Revenue Service for representing our clients in a diligent, thorough and conscientious manner. While our tax attorneys zealously promote our clients’ interests, we are nonetheless receptive to advantageous settlement opportunities at all stages of a tax controversy.

Tax Planning

ScottHulse tax lawyers specialize in helping clients structure complex business arrangements such as the acquisition and disposition of assets, stock and interests in corporations, partnerships and joint ventures. We work closely with estate planning attorneys and business lawyers to develop tax advantaged succession and exit strategies for closely held businesses and other entities.

Tax Compliance and Administration

There are a myriad of detailed tax regulations that must be adhered to in order for taxpayers to remain in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. ScottHulse lawyers work closely with accountants, in-house accounting personnel and others so that IRS guidelines are not violated and tax savings are maximized.

International Tax Planning

Being on the border with Mexico, we have developed extensive experience advising clients on the U.S. tax issues involved in international transactions. We help our non-U.S. clients acquire and dispose of U.S. businesses and property. We also work with foreign law firms and other advisors to assist our U.S. clients invest abroad.

State and Local Taxes

Each state and local jurisdiction tends to develop its own – sometimes unique – tax system and procedures. Texas and New Mexico are no exceptions. For example, Texas imposes a “margin tax” that has aspects that are quite unlike most other taxing regimes. ScottHulse tax attorneys in El Paso and Las Cruces are well versed in the intricacies of the Texas margin tax and other state and local taxes; and regularly advise clients on how best to address tax problems involving these taxes.

Representative Matters
  • Successfully defended taxpayers in tax audits where the Internal Revenue Service sought millions of dollars in estate, gift and/or income tax.
  • Prevailed against IRS attacks of family limited partnerships.
  • Negotiated settlements with IRS collection personnel that resulted in the reduction of tax liabilities by millions of dollars.
  • Serves as counsel to numerous charities of all sizes including large multi-member, corporate structures.
  • Counsel Mexican businesses and individuals in structuring operations in the United States.
  • Counsel U.S. businesses and individuals in structuring operations in the European Union, Central America and South America.
  • Create and reorganize entity structures of businesses of large and modest means to compartmentalize liability and minimize tax.
  • Assist real estate investment trust (REIT) in complying with the complex tax rules governing REIT operations.
  • Counsel numerous clients with respect to issues concerning liability for Texas sales and use taxes, New Mexico gross receipts taxes, intra-state apportionment and sourcing issues for both taxes, and exemptions from both taxes.
  • Assist taxpayers in negotiating Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements and other arrangements with the Internal Revenue Service.

Jeffrey C. Brown
Tax Attorney

G. Russel Hill
Tax Attorney

Melissa L. Martin
Tax Attorney