Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, the ScottHulse Law Firm is recognized as one of the region’s leading competition and antitrust law firms with a practice encompassing both litigation and business counseling.

Our competition and antitrust attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases brought under federal and state antitrust laws by both government and private litigants. The cases have included class actions and allegations of price fixing, market division, group boycotts, predatory pricing, tying arrangements and price discrimination. Our attorneys have appeared in antitrust cases in El Paso, Midland-Odessa, Austin, San Antonio, Laredo and Chicago. Our clients have included multi-national corporations and other entities in a broad range of activities including health care, entertainment, media, building trades, concrete and cement supply, food and energy supply, publishers, hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers, manufacturers, film exhibitors, steel fabricators and public utilities. Commercial disputes under the antitrust laws often include allegations of RICO and False Claims Act violations as well as business torts, e.g. tortious interference, fraud, trade disparagement, misappropriation of trade secrets, etc.

Our corporate practice requires that our competition and antitrust attorneys regularly counsel clients on antitrust issues raised by mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other cooperative arrangements among competitors, trade association membership and activities, distribution practices, and other business compliance issues.

Representative Matters

The depth of our competition and antitrust lawyers’ experience is illustrated by the following partial list of matters undertaken by our firm:

  • Successful defense of steel fabricators whose joint venture in a large, unique municipal construction project was attacked as a price fixing scheme.
  • Satisfactory and advantageous settlement of a price fixing and False Claims Act claim against a food supplier.
  • Successful representation of hospitals and other health care providers in various proceedings.
  • Successful representation of a multi-national concrete and cement supplier accused of predatory pricing.
  • Successful representation of a newspaper publisher accused of predatory pricing.
  • Successful negotiation and preparation of an agreement between two competing national entities which effected consolidation of production to increase competition at one level of a multi-level industry.

Reported Cases

City of El Paso v. Darbyshire Steel Co., et al., 575 F.2d 521 (5th Cir. 1978, cert. den’d). Successful defense of price fixing allegations.

Seidenstein v. National Medical Enterprises, Inc., 769 F.2d 100 (5th Cir. 1985). Successful defense of group boycott and monopolization claims.

Int’l. Outsourcing Servs. v. Blistex, Inc., 420 F.Supp.2d 860 (N.D. Ill. 2006).

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